My Story:Kaleb in an all black tuxedo, holding the sides of his jacket while looking into the camera.

I’m a young professional with aspirations to inspire, grow, and achieve in various areas of my life. Growing up in a small town built the foundation of who I am today in a few ways. First, and most important, my family instilled in me the values of responsibility, character, and integrity.  Second, my coaches and teachers taught me the values of work ethic and accountability. Lastly, it gave me the opportunity to understand that boredom can be replaced with canoe trips down the river, swimming in the quarry, and learning new technologies!

Technology for me began with video games, leading to a desire for becoming a developer. It was this desire that my college journey began, a journey that changed my perspective by opening my mind and meeting great people with unique stories. A place to learn how to program from experts and the skill of time management through balance. By graduation, I completed my dream of learning to develop and became a member of the greatest fraternity in the world, Kappa Alpha Psi.

My family, fraternity brothers, and colleagues guided me to a new vision on life, one that looks at the future as much as the present. Since then, I began working at GE in their Digital Technology Leadership Program. Two years later, February 2017, I achieved my dream of becoming a software engineer! GE is a company that focuses on the development of both technical and leadership skill-sets. Because of this, I have grown in both my professional and personal worlds thanks to the fabulous people I’ve met on the way.

With that all being said, I hope to influence your journey towards achieving anything you want. I truly believe you are the executive of your life.

My Skills:

In the last few years I have been offered the opportunities to learn expertise in various areas:

  • Modern Web Development – UX, MEAN stack, Javascript, HTML5, CSS, Polymer, Bootstrap, and other libraries. I feel that every new project leads to learning new areas within this field
  • Predix – The Industrial Internet of Things platform. In February 2017, I became a Predix Certified Developer
  • AX Dynamics – 3+ years of development experience designing custom solutions to meet user needs, providing business value
  • Leadership – I graduated from GE’s Digital Technology Leadership Program in February 2017. From this, I led through experience and learned from many top IT professionals in GEHC

Overall I am excited to grow through new experiences! My passion for technology and desire to make the world a better place drives me to continue learning. Life is a feeling process and a journey to achieve all that you want on the way!

With that being said, I look forward to hearing from you – comment, subscribe, and enjoy!

Best wishes,

Kaleb McKelvey