I wanted to close out my monthly NO TV Challenge with a final post to claim victory!! I succeeded and it was not too bad.

There are three main reasons for doing monthly challenges:

  1. Breaking a habit that could make your life more productive (if that is what you want)
  2. Revisit some things on your TO DO list that haven’t been completed
  3. Holding yourself accountable to exercise your self-discipline

I wanted to share some of the random things from the month, and inspire you to do your own challenge :).

Challenge Outcomes

New Theme for the Blog

I updated my blog to use a new theme that looked much cleaner to me, and updated all of my old posts that felt outdated. This site has been an on-going project for me from 3 years ago, which began as an inspirational blog and transformed into my own site with portfolio and all.


Throughout the month I read a few new books (some are still in process)

  • Charlie’s Almanac
  • Plato’s Dialogues
  • The Way of Kings book 1
  • Joshua Kennon’s blog page 5/6, so many more to go


  • Lapham Peak
    • A state park that is famous for its tower (see the picture for the view of one side)
  • 7 Bridges Park
    • A park south of Milwaukee that supposedly has 7 bridges, but I’ve only been able to find one in the three times visiting
  • Nature Trails
    • There are nature trails near my apartment with many ponds – not bad for a quick walk and podcast
  • Lake Michigan
    • My favorite part of Milwaukee – the lake! In my Instagram feed you can see the picture one of my coworkers took during our walk.


Overall the challenge went well, and on the 11th I was finally able to re-watch Avatar. The world James Cameron created with the new CGI tools never gets old – maybe it’s the country boy nerd in me.

Your challenge!

Why do your own challenge? Flex your grit and self-discipline muscles. Eric Thomas said in one of his talks that people are so so so quick to hold others accountable. If someone says they will pay a check in two weeks, he bets that they will be calling them in two weeks for that check. That same person doesn’t hold themselves accountable for making themselves successful. They don’t make sure they study or that they get up for work on time. Find a habit you want to change, TV, social media, alcohol, or video games. Eat fruit every day for a month or a salad for lunch. It’s the little things adding up overtime that leads you to the achievements in your life! I challenge you to hold yourself accountable for one month. There’s only one person who’s responsible, and that’s you!

Thanks for reading! I’ll be looking to do more challenges this year – comment if you have a suggestion!