For the last year and a half, I’ve been wanting the ability to download an app that would let me schedule quotes throughout the day. An app that would give me a motivational or inspirational quote before my morning commute. Or, In the afternoon, a nice pick me up and business quote. Lastly, every day around 6, a nice quote about family to help remind me to call them more.

Unfortunately, the app didn’t exist!

Fortunately, I love to learn a new technology – so it began. Last November I had a hackathon to jump-start the app. A year passed, and it was time to pick it back up during my NO TV challenge. Finally, I have a beta version working enough to use and get feedback! That’s where you come in!

The Inspir3Me app beta version has been released to the app store!!!!

It isn’t perfect. I’m using SQLite instead of APIs and a server, which has resulted in a single thread init stage causing a 2-5 minute wait time on the first install. It’s a work in progress and has plenty of more opportunities to tune. But it is out there for you to helpDownload it today from the Play Store (IOS to come soon) and join me on the journey to make it into an awesome future app, all while getting the daily inspiration you need for a better day!

Download Inspir3Me

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Please let me know of any innapropriate quotes in the database via email ([email protected]), as I used one from the internet - this will be done in the future via dislikes / report innapropriate. My apologies if you find any that are offensive - 5K was too many to go through on my own.