It is quite hard to believe that I have been working as a Software Engineer for a full year now that 2018 has arrived – time continues to fly by. 2017 was huge in terms of growth for me, as I worked on an inspirational quote hackathon project, explored Polymer 2 to document mental models, designed a WordPress site for a client with SEO, maintained my AX Dynamics side hustle, and supported manufacturing web applications in my 9-5 for 15K users.

Now that my first year is over, my goal for 2018 is to really take the experiences I had, mix in some personal training goals, and grow my development skills to the next level.

Q1 Plan

Each quarter I’ll be documenting the books and training courses on the agenda, in addition to implementing best practices when developing new user stories throughout our sprints. I hope to post more blogs on Predix Services (but this is a stretch goal for me). My first focus on becoming a better developer.

Secondly, with my newfound interest in cybersecurity – I’ll be learning more about the Security Development Life Cycle and Whitehat Hacking.

With these two agenda items in mind, here are the courses and books I plan to take in the next 2 months! The main reason for documenting these is to let others see how they can improve their dev skills and hold myself accountable, aka WIN-WIN!


TopicProvider: TitleLengthCompleted?
Coding PracticesSafariBooks: Code Complete 2
35 Large ChaptersChapter 10
SecuritySafariBooks: Threat ModelingShortIncomplete
Critical ThinkingSafariBooks: Critical Thinking for DummiesMid-size (halfway completed)Incomplete


Updated 2/15:

I decided to take a Linux foundations course on Pluralsight and the Coverity SAST scanning training courses instead of Kali Linux and Ethical Hacking. I did this because Linux is required for app pen testing (sorry Ben, network testing will have to wait!), and we want to utilize Coverity now! I’ll keep you updated on progress and looking forward to sharing the knowledge!

QuarterProvider: CourseLengthCompleted?
1Coverity Training3 HoursCompleted
Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS)
35 HoursIncomplete
1PluralSight: Javascript Path20 Hours (skipped beginner courses)Complete
1Wes B: CSS Grid 24 video course
4 HoursComplete

Concluding Thoughts

I’ll be reorganizing this personal site to better separate the topics, and also allow email subscribes to join the lists they actually want to read. I’ve typically posted once per month here, and that will increase with more technical articles coming your way.

With that being said, I’ll be sending something to you all to let you tell me which blogs you would be interested in, then updating the email list to reflect those interest.

Looking forward to a wonderful 2018, time to write another chapter in our story!!

Do you have any training suggestions or your own training plan? Let me know in the comments!