Thoughts, Inspirations, & Observations

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Below are a list of random thoughts, inspirations, and observations recorded through my journey to become an achiever. This will be one easy place to track them all, letting me revisit them as needed.


#1: Nothing Funny

Eric Thomas shows us the real reason he speaks and the power of using your platform to change the lives of those who need hope! Honesty is sometimes the best policy.

#2 You Owe You

How many times have you made a guarantee to yourself in your life? We will quickly call a company after their product breaks before the guarantee, but what do you do when you break your own warranties?

#3 Give Yourself Permission to be Disliked

This article has changed my perspective on the world – what an incredible view and honest article.

#4 Charlie Munger USC Commencement Speech

A video of one of the greatest thinkers giving keys to a good life.

Thoughts & Observations

#1 Relationships and You

Many positives are commonly mentioned about relationships – support, love, friendship, and more – while one I believe is left out. That one thing? The amount you grow and learn about your own character, helping you to become not only a better partner but a better individual too!

#2 Doing Something Lessons

Sometimes just doing something before you actually have the full plan ready results in better focus to grow the plan, or the fail fast mentality of projects you don’t actually enjoy – meaning you don’t spend a bunch of time planning for something you find out you dislike.

#3 Habits are key

The person you are, the success you bring or happiness you have doesn’t come in spikes. Instead, they are like compound interest, gradually growing into the high levels you eventually see. This gives more reason to not procrastinate, but break down big tasks into smaller daily ones (like do 1 hour of training a day vs 4 on Friday).

#4 Actions Always Speak Like Pictures Describe

People in your life can tell you how much they respect you, care about you, appreciate you, etc. These declarations are great and an important part of friendships, yet it is always the actions that either dispel or backup these statements that truly matter.

#5 Spending Time > Spending Money

You can always do more to increase the amount of money you have in bank accounts, but there is an account that decreases every second. Your time balance. There is nothing more important than giving the people you love in your life some of those ticking seconds.

#6 Measurements in Your Life

We each use different measurements for other people in our life, friendships or spouses as we want to have balance within those relationships. One key point to remember? You can’t control others and if they don’t have the same measurements in place – you may end up disappointed often. Communicate those expectations if necessary, or accept them for who they are. The boundary should be of their character, not the measurements of their contact.

#7 Social Media Doesn’t Paint the Truth

Taking a peek at someone’s social media accounts as an indicator of their life doesn’t work. People post in different ways, only show specific information, and there is no true connection in a page visit. Real friendships are those who catch up through face to face or phone calls that produce intimate conversations to build trust. There is no other way.

#8 Imposter Syndrome is Real

Expertise is a fluid concept that doesn’t have defined expectations. In reality, most of the time, there is someone who is more expert than you on a subject. Let them be and live your life in peace. Instead, do your best to get a little smart, and a little wiser each day. As you get closer and closer to your life expectancy…you will be smarter for it.

#9 A Key to a Good Life is Avoiding Big Mistakes

Mistakes are going to happen in your life, there is no mistaking that. Decide where you want to be at the end of your life and start using inversion to see which actions take you there. For each action, ask yourself – what would be detrimintal to reaching these goals….avoid them like the plague, or bitcoin.